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Reset From Diabetes

Online Reversal

Reversal Programme

Reset From Diabetes

Master Reversal Programme

3 Month Live Group
Coaching With Ramesh

Reset From Diabetes

Premium Reversal Programme

Personlised Coaching
One-to-One With Ramesh

The online reversal programme

The Online Reversal Programme

Do-It-Yourself Online Reversing Diabetes Programme

Reverse diabetes AND simultaneously stamp out a number of associated lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and becoming overweight.

This is possible by addressing the underlying causes of your lifestyle rather than treating the symptoms.

All you have to do is follow the timelines and guidance of daily actions to ensure you gain the benefits and get the outcomes you need. 

And achieve all this without medication.

Lady doing online course
The online reversal programme

Master Reversal Programme

3 Month Live Group Coaching with Ramesh

This course is given live and online in groups and run by Ramesh providing knowledge, support and coaching to achieve your health goals.

The Master Reversal Programme comes with personal guidance and attention from Ramesh conducted in groups.

You will learn the root cause of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases and how to overcome and start to reverse these conditions, getting you back to your optimal health.

The Master Reversal Program is conducted over weekly Zoom calls and a dedicated group messaging forum for further support.

Find out more about our group coaching programmes and availability by booking your discovery call. 

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The online reversal programme

Premium One-to-One Reversal Programme

Personalised One-To-One Coaching with Ramesh

This course is given live and online for individuals who would like one-on-one support and coaching to achieve their health goals.

The Premium Programme is a personalised coaching programme with guidance and attention from Ramesh on every detail, from menus and exercises to reading your blood and coming off your medication safely. 

Benefits of this Premium Programme include receiving support and practical advice when you most need it; i.e., driven directly by your needs - moment-by-moment - throughout the reversal process.  

Ramesh will personally coach you over 6 weeks with one Zoom call a week (1 h 30 mins) plus daily messaging/calls support for the duration.

To find out more and availability, book a discovery call now with Ramesh. On this call discuss how, together, you can achieve your best health goals.

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What our Clients Say about working with Us

Eric Okuku picture.jpg

Eric Okuku

“Diabetes reversed: my Hba1c went from 11.2 to 5.3” “28kg weight loss!”

I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in early 2017 I’ve been overweight for nearly 22 years I just knew I had to join the programme and make the changes to my life. For me, since the programme, I have managed to lose 21kgs in just 12 weeks! and this weight has stayed off. My diabetes readings went lower and lower each month and now I have been completely off medication for over a year. When diagnosed my Hba1c was 11.2 My last three Hba1c were 5.8, 5.2 & 5.3 My total weight loss to date is 28kg Ramesh’s programme was so inspirational and he had a tough audience, lots of Africans with ingrained traditional unhealthy eating habits, I was one of them. It really was the best investment I have ever made not just for me but also my family.

Karina Pertersen Picture.jpg

Karina Petersen

“10kg weight loss, Improved energy, skin, sleep and concentration”

Since the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, I have been struggling with an overweight and general lack of energy for at least 10 years and have in the past tried many various diets and ways of eating, including Paleo for 6 months and Raw eating for over 7 months. I never shed any weight. I attended Ramesh’s seminar in 2015. The programme was incredibly eye-opening. After I started the programme I lost 10kg in a matter of weeks and I have experienced clearer skin, an increase in energy, better concentration and high improvement in my sleep. I am 49 years of age and have also been experiencing hormonal changes as part of perimenopause for a couple of years. After I adapted to this new way of living and eating, I no longer have the mood swings and debilitating hot flushes I was suffering from. This is also a huge result for me. I highly recommend this course/ seminar to anyone considering reversing disease or in general looking to improving or optimising their health. 

Dr Rashmi Menon.png

Dr Rashmi Menon

“I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to learn practical methods to lead a healthier life”

I am a trained and qualified Doctor who has been treating patients through nutrition for many years. I first met Ramesh who was a co-participant at a training course that I attended as a part of my continuing learning process. Since then Ramesh and I have collaborated on several workshops in multiple cities. His zeal to connect with the audience is infectious. His best quality is the ability to keep the audience engaged and motivated through a long workshop. It has been a joy to work with him. I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to learn practical methods to lead a healthier life. I look forward to working with him again.

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Overcoming Type-2 Diabetes

Click below to get your FREE copy of my Overcoming type-2 Diabetes fact sheet, and begin your journey to reversing your condition and finding good health once more. 

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