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What Clients Say

Shrootin Shah
Hertfordshire, UK

I have been vegan for ethical reasons for over 10 years and as a result, I feel I have not succumbed to major diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. However, I continued to gain weight over that period, reaching 110kgs. I had tried various weight loss strategies such as juicing and calorie restriction but they were not sustainable and any weight loss was quickly regained. I have been struggling with my weight pretty much all my entire adult life. I attended Ramesh’s level 1 and level 2 programmes in 2016. The programmes were eye-opening, scientific and logically presented. The best parts for me were the clear explanations and practical demonstrations on how to transform my lifestyle into one that can be sustained without having to resort to constant and ongoing willpower. Once I gained the understanding and confidence in how to move to a healthy lifestyle it was very straightforward to incorporate them into my daily life. This was made even easier with great support from my spouse and family. The results were just amazing: I went from a weight of 110kg to 70kg (40kg lighter!!). Triglycerides dropped 54% to 0.9 mmol/L. LDL cholesterol dropped 48% to 1.5 mmol/L. Hba1C dropped 11% to 32 mmol/mol B12 and D3 absorption went up 72%. In addition, my energy levels have greatly increased. I have sustained a healthy weight without portion control or calorie counting, and as a result, this has improved my confidence and ability to participate in an active lifestyle with my family. As well as weight loss, it’s great to know that my internal health has been transformed as evidenced by the results above. Ramesh is a fantastic coach – enthusiastic, compassionate and with a unique delivery style. He has a great way of communicating the key ideas and to listen to any issues and concerns that people raise and offer guidance that can help deal with them. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for improving the health of others based on his own experience and research is unrivalled. I have no hesitation in recommending Ramesh’s training courses for anyone that is serious about regaining control of their health and willing to apply the step by step guidance that Ramesh provides – it could literally change your life!

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Tilda Bowden
Nairobi, Kenya

I went to Ramesh's seminar, not for myself but because my husband has Type-2 diabetes. I thought it would help me to understand how diet could affect his condition. However, Ramesh's science-based, easy to understand seminar made me totally re-think my approach to food also. Without it being an emotional issue, after hearing Ramesh speak, I switched my eating to follow the guidelines that he taught. I have adopted his principles into my life. I feel amazing and am told, repeatedly, I look good and have noticeably more energy. Amazingly for such a big shift, I haven't found it hard at all. Ramesh's enthusiastic but above all informed material is intuitive and makes sense. I often think about his analogy of not putting petrol in a diesel car and eating that is anatomically correct for our body has become something I get great joy from. I never really wanted to look at the environmental or ethical reasons to make a shift, but now that I have, based on Ramesh's science-based seminar, I am really glad I did. I can now feel positive about the environmental and ethical positive impacts of eating this way and I feel my health has never been better. I am already looking forward (weird I know) to the results of my next medical. I am certain the doctor will be pleased. I almost forgot to mention my husband. He lost a huge amount of weight, 6kg in just 3 weeks, and saw his diabetes reverse coming off all his medication. He even started wearing my jeans as his were now too big and completely unwearable. In summary, Ramesh's seminar is a small investment for life-changing returns.

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Reshma M.
London, UK

I have attended many of Ramesh’s courses and with each one I am more and more convinced that he is really onto something! Ramesh has made a huge positive impact towards my health and wellbeing, and I have benefitted tremendously from his approach to eating. Firstly, he’s a foodie, an excellent chef, and in no way does he compromise flavour with his style of cooking. He is by far one of the best educators I’ve met in the area of health, wellbeing, and nutrition. His programmes have transformed the way I eat, the way I cook, the way I think, and most importantly my relationship with food. Thanks to Ramesh: - I have learned how to cook delicious meals that nourish and heal my body at the same time - I have eliminated most toxins from my diet. Now I rarely crave or do I desire these foods. - I know how to cook with new techniques, and my meals taste equally good if not better because I feel so light afterwards - I am well educated about food, which ones are rich in nutrients, which ones are harmful and how they cause dis-ease in the body - I understand my body better and how to make it function at its very best - I have peak energy levels and rarely experience dips of energy during the day - My skin is glowing because of the type and quality of foods I’m consuming Ramesh makes you think and question the status quo. You will absolutely love learning from him. His passion, enthusiasm, sense of humour, generosity, and an abundance of knowledge on this subject comes through whenever he teaches. I can not recommend his programmes highly enough!

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Azam Samanani
Nairobi, Kenya

Ramesh speaks 100% from his heart and his own experience. His authenticity and personal journey are what opened my mind to his point of view and overcame my significant skepticism. If you're looking for someone who can educate you, inspire you, and, most importantly, give you the practical tools to move forward in reclaiming your health in a natural and holistic way, then I would highly recommend that you attend one of Ramesh's seminars as a concrete first step.

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Karina Petersen

Since the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, I have been struggling with overweight and general lack of energy for at least 10 years and have in the past tried many various diets and ways of eating, including Paleo for 6 months and Raw eating for over 7 months. Although the raw diet helped tremendously with my energy levels, I never shed any weight. I attended Ramesh’s seminar in 2015. The programme was incredibly eye-opening. I came into the seminar with quite a lot of passion, interest and knowledge about nutrition and health already, however, all the knowledge I acquired from the course was very inspiring and delivered in an incredibly motivating and fun way. I particularly appreciated all the scientific evidence and research studies that substantiated the information provided, along with Ramesh’s wealth of knowledge and own personal experience with disease reversal and optimal nutrition. My favourite part of the programme were the practical workshops including cooking, food sharing etc. After I started the programme I lost 10kg in a matter of weeks and I have experienced, clearer skin, an increase in energy, better concentration and high improvement in my sleep. I am 49 years of age and have also been experiencing hormonal changes as part of peri-menopause for a couple of years. After I adopted to this new way of living and eating, I no longer have the mood swings and debilitating hot flushes I was suffering from. This is also a huge result for me. I particularly love the programme as I am a real food lover and now pretty much have all the foods I love! It’s just prepared in a much healthier way and I never feel like I am missing out on anything. I love to cook and it’s exciting to find new recipes and experiment with making delicious dishes based on the principles we learned in the course. I also thought eating out in restaurants and being away on holidays would prove a huge problem, but it’s been much easier than I imagined. The lifestyle changes to my diet have been very easy to adopt into my life. The practical advice given on how to change my kitchen around so it works better for me when cooking has been invaluable. I also found it easier than expected to change the specific things I eat at specific times in the day and the order in which I now eat each of my meals. It all just makes sense and it only takes a couple of weeks before it all becomes a real habit and therefore it’s no longer something I really think too hard about, it just feels like a natural way of eating and living now. Even Christmas time is a delight - I always feared this time of year would be boring and bland but instead it’s been filled with delicious foods, treats, snacks and drinks but prepared with love, integrity and all the principles from the seminar. I have truly indulged and yet not gained one gram over Christmas and New Years! What a bonus! I highly recommend this course/ seminar to anyone considering reversing disease or in general looking to improving or optimising their health.

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Hina Dabasia
London, UK

I heard about the program from a friend who also joined the program before me. I was inspired by how much weight he had lost, and he also told me how he had reversed his diabetes and was no longer on medication. Although I didn’t have Diabetes, I was struggling with losing weight. I had previously tried many diets, but I kept putting the weight back on. Since joining the program, in Jan 2017 I have not only lost the weight but one year on this plan, without counting calories or portion control, the weight has never gone back up. I lost 18 KG in the first 16 weeks. As a result I feel much fitter and have got a lot more energy. I really love the fact that I am still able to eat my favourite foods, and I still lose weight. With the cooking techniques that were taught I am able to adopt a healthier approach to cooking and the taste of the food has not been compromised, in fact it tastes even better. The program has helped me change my lifestyle, forming healthy habits, ensuring I will definitely not be going back to the old ways. I have done RESET LEVEL 1 and RESET LEVEL 2. I found the seminars very helpful. I’m really looking forward to attending his 2 week retreat next summer. Ramesh was very inspirational. He has guided me on my journey to great health and I thank him for all his help and support.

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Minesh Shah
London, UK

I met Ramesh when at an organised community talk at EKTA Centre in Kingsbury, North West London. I was really over weight, diabetes out of control and BP always high. My wife and I both attended his one day workshop that was incredibly educational. What he said made sense. Up to then I sat with doctors and nutritionists who frankly sounded like they had read a book and like good little robot's repeated what the books told them… We started on the plan that Ramesh had taught us. About 4 other couples joined us and within a few months between us we lost about 60kgs. Personally, I lost about 12kgs. My diabetic control was coming back in line. The sugar levels started to drop. My BP started to come back to normal levels. My cholesterol levels were at 5.5 when I started, now sat at 2.9. It's been great. I have to say Ramesh has been a total inspiration to me. He has helped me and continues to help me on my journey to better health.

Minesh Shah picture.png

Dr Rashmi Menon
Mumbai, India

I am a trained and qualified Doctor who has been treating patients through nutrition for many years. I first met Ramesh who was a co-participant at a training course that I attended as a part of my continuing learning process. Since then Ramesh and I have collaborated on several workshops in multiple cities. His zeal to connect with the audience is infectious. His best quality is the ability to keep the audience engaged and motivated through a long workshop. It has been a joy to work with him. I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to learn practical methods to lead a healthier life. I look forward to working with him again.

Rashmi Menon Picture.png

Emmanuel Mwagambo
Nairobi, Kenya

I had a chance meeting with Ramesh Hirani through a mutual friend. On the day we met I had just been diagnosed with having very high cholesterol and my blood pressure was already very high. Consequently, I had been put on a regime of blood-thinning and cholesterol control drugs which I had to take every day. For a while before then, I had felt extremely heavy, my breathing was laboured, I found chores overly exhausting and was generally off. I had kept on postponing having a check-up but was finally forced to do so when the headaches became unbearable. I was explaining to my friend how I had to make a drastic change to my lifestyle when Ramesh interjected and “dared” me. He informed me that if I followed the regime and meal plan that he advised, I would be completely rid of the condition and that I should try his RESET method and he was willing to bet that if in four weeks of compliance with his system my situation had not improved then he would refund me all the money spent on drugs so far. I thought the whole plan was incredulous but really I had nothing to lose. So there began my journey to recovery. Unlike other diets I had tried to observe in the past, Ramesh’s system did not subject me to hunger pangs or giving up everything. The portions were generous and always filling. When I started the regime, I weighed 84 kilograms. In four weeks, I had lost 4 kilograms, felt lighter, fitter and markedly more robust. Inspired by this, I attended a session, taught by Ramesh, where I learned cooking methods that both made food more nutritious and wholesome and provided healthy alternatives to the foods which had contributed to my condition in the first place. The session also simply and logically explained in detail why and how the body reacts to different foods. I went for a medical check-up 6 weeks since my first meeting with Ramesh and true to his word, over and above shedding 5 kilos off my initial weight, my cholesterol levels and Blood pressure levels had fallen to a point I no longer needed medication. Previously I was told these drugs would need to be taken indefinitely. You can imagine how good and liberating it was to hear this news. In three months, my weight had dropped to 69 kilograms. That a total weight loss of 15kg in 12 weeks. This required a change in wardrobe but the benefits far outweighed the cost of replacing my attire. That was in August 2015. I have over the years occasionally, fallen off the wagon but I always bring myself back now that I know and understand how different foods affect the body. Ramesh checks on me every so often and even when I have fallen off, he doesn’t chastise me or make me feel like a flop. He encourages and re-directs me to the path. Close to four years later, I realise that this is also a permanent weight loss method. I have never weighed more than 76 kilograms since despite the occasional falling off the wagon or now ever having to count calories. I now feel a lot more youthful, my skin is glowing and the zest for life and the spring in my walk is back. Inspired by this I continue to observe Ramesh’s RESET system. I would recommend this to anyone. Try it.

Emmanuel Picture.png

Amit Shah
London, UK

I have been overweight for over 15 years. This made me feel lethargic and low most of the time. I knew I had to lose the excess weight and knew that I had to get healthier but could never get the motivation to do it. I attended a talk Ramesh did for our community at the Oshwal Centre and I decided to join his programs. My intention was to lose weight but just after starting the program I was diagnosed as diabetic. As it turned out I had unknowingly been a diabetic for many years and my levels were now severe. This really worried me and I was now keener than ever to get back to health. The program was very motivating, I learnt a lot about how our health is affected by our lifestyles and how we can make a few changes to completely reverse various diseases. The program design made it very easy to incorporate the diet and lifestyle changes. When I was diagnosed as diabetic during the program, my GP basically told me that I had to be on medication for the rest of my life starting with Metformin. He told me diabetes is a life long condition and not curable. By following what I learnt, I was able to reverse my diabetes without any medication within a few months and lost all the excess weight as well, something I have been struggling with for 15 years! My Hba1c dropped from 94 to 37! My cholesterol was normal but that has improved as well. My last BP check showed 106/74 which I am told is very good for a 48 year old. Ramesh is a fantastic trainer. He is very motivating, helpful and entertaining throughout. Not having to take medication for the rest of my life is completely liberating. Thanks for all your help.

Amit Shah Picture.jpg

Bupesh Shah
Mumbai, India

Most of my friends and Family similar to my age (40+) have been detected by some health issues here and there, and so was I. I had Diabetes, Blood Pressure. My major drawback to these diseases was I was not allowed to eat many of my favourite food (Sweet Fruits, Cakes, Ice-creams) I suffered these conditions for approx 4 years before attending the one day Seminar. The best part of the program for me was I learnt I can eat everything I wanted including my sweet food favourites. All I was asked to do was make a few changes in the ingredients, eliminating some and adding others. I came off my Diabetes and Blood pressure medication within 5 weeks reverse all my health problems and also losing weight. The guidelines were very easy, in-fact, the very next day we cleaned out our kitchen and got started and till date we never got any problem nor are we missing on any food. The Seminar I attend in Mumbai had 4 great coaches who teach you all basic changes. They explain us in simple language what to eat and what are the foods to avoid and show its replacements. All the 4 Trainers are extraordinary but Ramesh outshines. Since adopting this new diet and lifestyle my confidence level has gone up. I feel light and young and 2 years on I am disease free. Reversing my diabetes feels the best, really thought I would be on medications lifelong. Its a thin line separating you towards a healthy disease-free lifestyle. Transform yourself and start feeling young again. I recommend this for everyone 100%.

Bupesh Shah picture.jpeg

Dilip Shah
London, UK

I have struggled over 10 years with controlling my Diabetes and weight. It was curiosity as to how I can reverse diabetes and/or generally bring it under control and improve my overall health that made me sign up to this seminar. The seminar was made interesting and fun by active participation and we were shown how we can all make small adjusts to our everyday diets. All the recommendations have become a daily routine without much effort. The training is done in small groups so that everyone can partake in the cooking (especially people like me who do not cook). Rameshbhai delivers the seminar with passion, enthusiasm and fun as he really believes in it. The two BIGGEST benefits to date have been: Reduction of belly fat (reduced weight) Blood sugars, Previously my diabetes blood test numbers were between 7-10, but now down to between 4-5, brilliant!! I have noticed that from the people who were at the same seminar, lifestyle changes have had a tremendous change in their wellbeing. Please attend the seminar, you have nothing to lose but much to gain. I would definitely encourage others to attend this seminar.

Dilip Shah Photo.jpg

Eric Okuku
Nairobi, Kenya

I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in early 2017, even before then I was struggling with being overweight, and to say the least my eating habits were not the best. I’ve been overweight for nearly 22 years, since I finished high school and my weight just went out of control, but early 2017 I decided to get checked and that’s when I was diagnosed diabetic. This really was a shock and it made me feel very bad. Ramesh has been a close friend for over 10 years. In 2015 he had lost a lot of weight and I remember that because he lost it so quickly. I remember asking him about it. He said he was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and he was working to heal himself. He said he made some diet changes which had really helped his diabetes but it also resulted in weight loss. I was intrigued but not enough to take action myself, not until I was diagnosed. I spoke to him about it mid 2017 and that's when I just knew I had to join the programme and make the changes to my life. For me, since the programme, I have managed to lose 21kgs in just 12 weeks! and this weight has stayed off. My diabetes readings went lower and lower each month and now I have been completely on medication for over a year. When diagnosed my Hba1c was 11.2 My last three Hba1c were 5.8, 5.2 & 5.3 My total weight loss is 28kg I now look at things in a different way these days, I walk into a supermarket or store and the unhealthy foods no longer excites me as it once did. I understand now what real food is and I no longer have the urge for snacks or foods that have no nutritional value to me. These foods used to be my favourites, it’s like my brain has been re-wired. The program opened my eyes to not only living healthily but eating healthy. Being African, I had to convince my family and wife that I will no longer be eating some of her favourite traditional dishes without the modifications set out by Ramesh. You can imagine the looks I got. It was a bit tough to start, but eventually I no longer feel or craved the harmful foods and when my wife saw my health improving she was totally onboard. Ramesh’s programme was so inspirational and he had a tough audience, lots of Africans with ingrained traditional unhealthy eating habits, I was one of them. But throughout the day he slowly brought everyone around with logic and sound reasoning. It really was the best investment I have ever made not just for me but also my family.

Eric Okuku picture.jpg

Nandini Gulati, Health Coach
Dehli, India

I met Ramesh at a health program in India where I was facilitating. He was a keen student and hungry to learn, both of the knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and the skills of cooking. A few years later, after he was qualified and certified, we worked together conducting health awareness and education programs across India. Ramesh is a wonderful colleague and team leader. I learnt so much from him. His forte is engaging genuinely with the audience. I found his talks were always well researched with solid scientific backing. At the same time he has a knack of delivering it in a manner and style that really connects with the audience. He balances the scientific facts and research data with a lot of laughter, fun and entertainment which make his sessions exceedingly enjoyable. I would highly recommend his courses and programs to anybody looking to improve their health parameters. He will motivate, educate, entertain and get you well at the same time. I can't wait to work with Ramesh again.

Nandini Gulati picture.png

Geeta Dhanda
Nairobi, Kenya

I am Geeta Kohil Dhanda. I suffer from Psoriasis and hypothyroidism. I have tried several diets and different ways of eating without much success. After meeting Ramesh Hirani and attending a workshop he conducted in Nairobi September 2018, I went on to all the dietary changes that he taught. Within days I felt more energetic and gained clarity. My psoriasis started to clear and my skin looks more radiant and bright. I feel happier and healthy. Thank you Ramesh for your divine guidance and knowledge.

Geeta Kohil Dhanda Picture.jpg

Fred Maina
Nairobi, Kenya

For a long time (approx. 10years) I had a lot of problems with my weight (85kgs) and especially the belly fat which obviously contributed to elevated blood pressure (150/101) and high total cholesterol (8.35mmo1/1). After the training I endeavoured to follow the guidelines of your program. I have seen a tremendous change in my blood pressure which is now averaging 128/88. The Total cholesterol level has also reduced to 4.88mmo1/1. I’ve lost 13 kilos’ in 3 months. My weight is now 72Kgs. The best part of the program was to learn the negative effects of certain foods on the body. Learning about food combinations was quite good for me as well. I learned a lot about how some organs of the body work and how to cook and eat the right food for the appropriate nutrients. This has now become a part of my lifestyle. I no longer crave for unhealthy damaging foods and my meals have become tastier and more enjoyable. I now feel lighter and more energetic. Ramesh, I really want to appreciate the training you took us on through on September 1st, 2018. I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation.

Fred Maina Picture.jpg

Sandeep & Reema Shah
London, UK

For the last few years I was struggling with my Cholesterol levels. I could not get them below 6.2. My HBA1c also started to creep up to 52 and I was diagnosed as Diabetic in 2011 The main reason for joining this program (Reset level 2) was to learn how to cook in a healthy and nutritious way. Before this program I could not cook at all and now I enjoy preparing a variety of good tasty meals. I’ve even been complimented on my ‘signature dishes’ as I like to call them. Incorporating these changes in lifestyle seemed easy to me. It also helped that my wife, Reema, has been so supportive throughout. Being a novice cook I received a lot of help from Reema. She sourced all the right foods and changed our pantry. I’m very grateful to her for all the support. My total cholesterol reading went down from 6.2 to 4.2 With the good cholesterol increasing from 1.20 to 3.8 My HBA1c reduced from 52 to 45 My high Blood pressure has also reduced to a normal level The biggest change for me was NO MORE meds! This was so liberating. I feel much healthier too. Ramesh is very enthusiastic, lively and passionate about helping others, which really helps a lot. The training was excellent. This change in lifestyle is not for everyone and is only for those who are serious about living a healthy life and are prepared to make positive dietary lifestyle changes. You must be adaptable as the benefits are well worth it.

Hasmita Zaveri
London, UK

I was introduced to Ramesh in 2016 when I attended a talk he conducted for our community on disease reversal. During this course I was so amazed by the content and the information he provided on how you could help reduce illnesses just by changing your diet and lifestyle. I had developed under active Thyroid and was curious as to what he had to say, also I felt I was overweight and found it difficult to control my situation. As soon as I implemented what Ramesh advised what we should be eating, and how I should change my the diet & lifestyle, I began to see results and the weight started to fall off. I started feeling healthier and my skin was glowing and I was far more energetic. I then later attended his 1 day seminar. In this seminar food examples were available and he emphasised you can still eat tasty food without compromising your health. During this seminar we were provided with more theory and knowledge of how our body works and the relationship between the body and food. I feel very fortunate I was able to attend this seminar. I think Ramesh is fabulous at what he does and brilliant at engaging the audience. During the free talk he had an audience of over 300 people, and I could see that during the 2 hours he had each and every single person engaged. I would not miss the opportunity to attend one of Ramesh’s seminar’s, you will not regret it.

Hasmita Zaveri picture.jpg

Kiran Punjabi
London, UK

I attend the 4 week Level 2 training. The classes were excellent. I learnt so much about why we need to change our diets, not only to look good on the outside but to feel good on the inside. It was a great step by step change each week. Ramesh is a great teacher; the classes were informative but in a light hearted, relaxed way, the information just got absorbed in you. And the best part is the cooking demos. This made it easy to see how to cook all the wonderful recipes. If you’re looking to lose weight fast and get healthy then you can’t go wrong here.

Kiran Panjabi Picture.jpg

Malti Shah
London, UK

I joined this program as I wanted to improve on my health lifestyle. Few years ago I had skin problems and made some dietary changes but was still struggling with foods especially with my children who like a variety of foods. The best part of the programme is hands on experience and very clear explanations of health issues. It has been very easy to incorporate the new diet and lifestyle changes at home that were taught to us. Even when on holidays, hotels and restaurants always were willing to make us food as we were taught. Dealing with hotels and restaurants was explained by Ramesh which always made it easy. The biggest benefit is when I wake up in the morning I am fully awake and not feeling tired or lethargic at all. Nowadays, throughout the day I feel very energetic and can do much more exercise than before. I have lost weight and my skin feels very radiant. Some results: My HBa1c has come down to 36.6 My Cholesterol has come down to 4.2 Ramesh is a very lively and inspiring trainer, he always kept us engaged and made everything easy to understand.

Malti Picture.jpg

Mayavi Khandelwal
Mumbai, India

My name is Mayavi Khandelwal. I am a health coach and professional chef have and run programmes all over India for many years. I meet Ramesh when at a training course to become certified trainers in disease reversal through nutrition. After our training and becoming certified we worked together, along with Dr Rashmi Menon and Nandini Gulati, for over a year conducting many workshops and seminars around India. During this time we also did some cooking programmes together, in India and London, which were well received. Ramesh is a very committed person who has helped many people to reverse diseases. He always made it a point to connect with people around him at a very deep level so that he could help them transform also at a deeper level. He is a wonderful human being whose only mission in life is to help others become healthy and happy! Working with Ramesh over the years has been an absolute pleasure. His effervescent nature has everyone excited and inspired to being on track. At the same time he is very understanding of real emotions that we all go through and I have seen him help people in a very special way. He is an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. The best part of working together was learning new things from him everyday. He does a lot of research to validate his own healing and reversed his own health conditions. His training, knowledge and energy is very contagious! There really is never a dull moment with Ramesh around!! I would recommend his courses for people with any kind of disease or weight issues. And also to people who want to just be healthy. Let him guide you so that you don’t have to be unhealthy anymore. I look forward to working together again soon. I would love to collaborate on more workshops and cooking programmes with him in the future and without hesitation recommend his programs to all.

Mayavi Khandelwal Picture.png

Oduor Omolo
Nairobi, Kenya

I must say that this program was the best thing that has ever happened to me. My entire family is slowly joining me and everybody is seeing excellent benefit. Before joining the program I was struggling with overweight, according to BMI classification I was actually obese. I have been in this condition for well over 15 years and even after joining the gym three years ago, going regularly, there was no improvement. The best part of the program and I would say the toughest was changing my diet. This required a complete rewiring of the mindset. I grew from lake region, in Kenya, where certain traditional foods are stable food and said to have a positive effect on development of the brain. Ramesh was explaining how some of my favourites were harmful and asking us to stop those foods. Giving these up was not going to be a walk in the park and also cooking food with his new cooking techniques seemed unthinkable. However, after some practice it all started to fall in place. The biggest benefit from the program was the significant weight loss, I have shed over 10kg since I started the program, something that was not happening with the gym alone. I have three daughters aged between 20 and 24 years, who used to complain constantly of stomach problems and constipation, with the new program although they are not on it 100%, both problems are no more. I am very excited and energetic to walk at 5.00 am everyday to prepare the breakfast that Ramesh recommends, now my best meal of the day. My craving for all those foods I grew up with all my life has all disappeared, something I thought could never happen. The training was really an eye opener, giving us good insights and direction in the correct way to live in this evolving tough environmental with its multitude of lifestyle diseases. I would really recommend this training for anybody. The sharing experience in class and the program environment is excellent.

Rekha Thadani
Mumbai, India

I attended the course in Mumbai 2016 to get information about reversing diabetes, as my father has been diabetic for many years. I’m not diabetic but I was struggling with bloating and weight gain for several years and was surprised how much this seminar, accidentally, helped me. The Seminar was extremely educational and logical. It was great how everything was explained well and the ease to follow through. I love the cooking style and techniques that is taught with simple food substitutions. My meals are a lot healthier as a result. Incorporating all the changes has been extremely easy. Ramesh is witty, positive, patient and encouraging. God knows I have harassed him relentlessly with many questions...and he has always replied rapidly and with a smile … :-) He makes the way of changing our cooking to be simple, practical and extremely achievable. I feel so much better, lighter and fresher. I have a new found love for local Indian foods, especially rotis! But for me, the biggest benefit has been huge reduction of inflammation, weight loss and generally feeling much healthier. Most definitely recommend this seminar and I encourage people to try it out.

Rekha Thadani Picture.jpg

Sanjay Soni
London, UK

I came across Ramesh Hirani on Facebook at about the same time I was looking to improve weight and my overall health. I went to his seminar and felt blown away at the simple information he was giving in a truthful and positive way. His beliefs are contagious as once you adapt to the new lifestyle you see positive differences in many ways, not just physical appearance but emotional positivity. I lost over 10kg very quickly and with ease have little or no success with dieting for years! I look forward to a top-up of the Ramesh Hirani dose of true and amazing simple advice soon.

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Mumbai, India

I really wanted to improve general health. I was struggling with pain and inflammation on my lower back and hip muscles for over 7 years without a clear diagnosis and have been trying to lose the excess weight for many years. Also just before starting the program I discovered my insulin resistance was creeping up. The introductory talk was very motivating. It was supported with real case studies and that gave a ray of hope... that with dedication and diligence one could reverse the ill body condition. The trainers were all great, eager and patient teachers. A presenter is like the 30-second advert you see on tv. The presenter has to be able to grab your attention and impress you and motivate you at the same time all in 30 seconds as the audience comes with a preconceived notion and can quickly switch off. Ramesh managed to not just break those preconceptions but helped us see a different food path that we could adopt and do it easily. He is an energetic, pleasant and a motivating presenter. I registered immediately for the main one day program. What made the one day program more appealing was that the entire team is always available for 360 degree support in terms of supplies, nutrition charts, recipes, and the team is always available to provide us with guidance even a year later! The entire program was very educational, not just with material, but real case studies which are more educating as one learns more practically and through others experiences than material that’s available in abundance on the internet. The biggest benefit for me was to my mindset in relationship to my overall health. It has been re-oriented and programmed to think towards respecting my body and giving it the foods that heal. Since starting, my energy levels have hugely increased and the body inflammation reduced tremendously with steady weight loss and improvement in my insulin resistant. I have been highly motivated to change in lifestyle. Some challenges have been social events, sourcing certain types of food and when one is travelling it gets tough; but the results are so rewarding in the end that it compels one to come back to the programme and guidelines very quickly. However, I must admit, I do cheat occasionally but these cheat days don’t have the negative impact on me as they once did. I would recommend this programme to all who are willing to work on themselves.

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Neil Shah
London, UK

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 and was put on metformin (3 tablets per day). After about 2 years of keeping my blood sugar levels in check, and reducing some weight, my dose of metformin was reduced to 2 tablets per day. After this, my weight and blood sugar levels remained static (i.e. not getting worse and not improving either). I decided I needed to do something different. I then heard about Ramesh’s 5-week course from a friend in late 2016 and decided to give it a go. I started adopting some of the things Ramesh told us. Living in a large family (i.e. with my wife, 2 children and my parents) sometimes I found it quite difficult to adopt some of the changes, and change their views – but I gave it my best. I was surprised by some of Ramesh’s techniques and omission of certain key ingredients at the time, especially as we were brought up believing these were absolutely necessary components of Indian cooking. Ramesh’s course content was excellent - the course itself was very interactive and his presentation style made the course extremely enjoyable and thought provoking. Approximately 2 months after the course and by following Ramesh’s advice, my weight had reduced by 4kg to around 74 kgs. I managed to reduce my medication to 1 metformin per day, which I am still currently on. I have continued with most of the recommendation but I must admit I do slip back on some of my bad habits. What this tells me is that I need to re-focus and get back to Ramesh’s regime as it clearly works. My long-term aim is to be medicine free, which I am now certain is achievable if I get back on track with Ramesh’s advice/regime. I encourage anyone to take one of his courses.

Mercy Kama
Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Mercy Kamau, a lawyer based in Nairobi Kenya. I had been struggling with several lifestyle conditions. The most nagging is sugar control management. Am diabetic. Fortunately I was introduced to this seminar by Ramesh. I weighed 109 kilos and now I weigh 99 kilos. Have lost 10 kilos in six months. My sugar control is much better and the readings have declined to below 10 which has made my physician happy with me. Recently my family and friends say they have noticed that my moods have improved a menopausal and I used to have anger issues a lot. I also used to have severe uterine bleeding which has drastically reduced and am totally amazed. Am feeling totally energised and am able to swim everyday for 1hour. I have also started to play golf. Life is looking brighter. My aim is to reach a weight loss of 15 more kilos in the next 6 months. Thank you so much Ramesh.

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Anjana Vivek
Mumbai, India

I was struggling to change my lifestyle regards to food and Maintain good health. I heard about this health training seminar from a friend. I have no major health condition apart from acidity. Really I and wanted to learn about prevention more than anything. Also was curious to guidance to know right way of eating. All piece of information was useful and informative. For me, learning cooking the daily food in a much healthier way was so revealing. Got a new perception about health and food. And the intensity and efforts of the trainers to create awareness was fantastic. Ramesh and Dr Rashmi are very supportive and have super clarity with food. They are perfect example to follow for achieving fit and happy body. Ramesh is Intense and keen in making a difference in health and lifestyle. Ramesh has always been innovative in creative healthy and tasty recipe and motivating us to do the same. I felt the seminar was life changing as well as creative. My acidity is gone... My energy levels have gone high and I am able to understand my body much better. Each one of us are looking for Guidance when so much data is available in today’s world regards to nutrition and diet... This seminar brings clarity, simplicity and is eyeopening. I recommend to all.

Bina Shah
London, UK

In January 2017 I joined the programme conducted by Ramesh Hirani. I had joined to lose weight and improve general health. Ramesh taught us great new techniques in cooking learning many delicious dishes. For me, It hasn’t always been easy to incorporate all the new diet and lifestyle changes that were recommended. I found some were harder than others. But I still lost weight even though I haven’t been so strict in eating. If you follow the diet you will surely see changes in your health. Ramesh inspired us all throughout the programme. I would recommend this Seminar to anybody who wants to improve their health. You will come to know what foods are good for you and what you should avoid eating.

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Monica Shah
London, UK

All my life I've been struggling with weight loss. I have thyroid, which makes it harder to lose weight. I was diagnosed with this when I was 21 and have struggled to take medicine etc for a long time. Prior to coming to the course I had started going to the gym regularly as I really wanted to get a handle on my health. Booking onto the level 2 course for me was a way to continue my journey to a healthier lifestyle. The whole programme was great. I think the practical sessions were the best. As these were what stayed in my head the most. The visual learning. Whilst on the 4 week programme I only lost half a kilo. I kept thinking this is not working. But as the weeks continued, I kept losing weight. Overall I lost 10kgs. I need to lose more and look forward to that as I continue to implement the changes I learnt. I did not find it difficult to incorporate these changes into my life at all. Also helpful was that my whole family understood and appreciate what I need to do and have supported me throughout. Ramesh’s training style is fun and witty. He made the learning exciting and interactive. He engaged us all into the learning. I’ve been on many diets in the past, but this program has allowed me to enjoy foods whilst losing weight without the weight coming back.

Ro Med
London, UK

Over the years, depending on my lifestyle swings, I have been struggling with being overweight and having energy fluctuations. After joining the programme I clearly understood more about food and nutrition and how it had a direct impact on my weight and energy. I started to see weight loss, improved energy and found I was eating more consciously.

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Raksha Shah
London, UK

Ramesh is a larger than life (not size!) character. I came across him at a health seminar he was hosting which I was attending due to a weight problem. The seminar was advertised as “reversing diabetes” but I thought I would be in that category if I did not take action. I was not disappointed. Ramesh was so enthusiastic and passionate about the subject, having had personal experience of the condition. He followed up the seminar with a series of cookery classes. Since the seminar and classes, I have changed the way I cook and eat and have managed to lose substantial weight. My hair is shinier and I generally feel so energised. Ramesh keeps the group motivated with humorous messages and shares recipes that he has cooked with his children. Thank you Ramesh and keep up the good work! I would definitely recommend attending one of his seminars.

Preeti Puri

I have been struggling with chronic fatigue, low body weight and an irritable bowel for a very long period of time. I started to make changes to my diet in 2015, however, wasn't very diligent with it and was struggling to get myself back on track. Around that time, this seminar came up & it was a great opportunity for me to realign myself. The seminar was a good blend of the concepts, reasoning and practical applicability. The seminar equipped me to make the changes in my diet on my own. The support group, post the seminar, has been the lifeline for all us participants. The group energy keeps everyone motivated and is there to address roadblocks. Ramesh has been immensely hands-on and that comes through in his sessions. He motivates, gives faith and makes it all sound so simple. The joy and benefits that he has experienced in his own personal life is transmitted to the participants in the session. Especially his kitchen replacement charts, gets the participants going from Day1. I would strongly recommend this seminar to everyone who wants to take charge of their health - to bring back vitality and purpose in their lives

North West London, UK

I have always been vegetarian throughout my life and had no real health problems until last year when I started suffering with IBS. I visited doctors on several occasions and had many blood test done but nothing worked. Then I visited Ramesh’s seminar in London. I was truly inspired and motivated. I thought I must at least try this and see if It helps me. I started with following Ramesh’s diet plan and I must say it has been great. It has been 6 months now and I am completely free from IBS. I also recently had my blood test done where my cholesterols level have also gone down. The seminar was immensely informative and Ramesh’s approach is very witty and continually engaging. I would highly recommend taking this seminar.

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