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To help our clients overcome their Lifestyle Diseases

My Vision

Creating a world where people are free from lifestyle diseases and lifelong medication, healing themselves and our planet


Ramesh Hirani


I am the father of two children and I am a property developer by profession.

In curing my type-2 diabetes through natural means, there was a dramatic change in my physique. As a byproduct of my reversal process, my weight went from over 100 kilos down to 72 kilos.

People noticed! And as I told people my story, I began to help others with their type-2 diabetes.

Soon helping other diabetics became a passion project and a large part of my life. I have designed this online presence to help an even wider audience reverse their type-2 diabetes using entirely natural procedures.

I am continually fascinated by the subject of how the body heals itself - if we give it the opportunity - and make endless new discoveries that I cannot wait to share with you. 

Our Story 

Ramesh's Journey to Overcoming Diabetes and Discovering a Healthy Lifestyle

The Initial Shock: Give in or Take Control?

In 2012 I went for a check-up with my GP, with the symptom of excessive thirst.

I was diagnosed as obese and type 2 diabetic. 

Hearing the news, I was shocked and devastated. Like clockwork, I was prescribed the relevant drugs to keep my diabetes in check and I was told to lose weight.

After letting the news sink in, I decided not to let the diagnosis get the better of me and started to think about how I could turn my situation around. Being on medication for the rest of my life was definitely NOT an option for me.

I started researching a natural way to combat diabetes. This all started when my sister-in-law recommended reading a book from health professionals such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Neal Bernard, and many others who focus on tackling the cause of disease rather than managing symptoms through medication.

This really was the first of many steps of a journey that took me across the world to understand the root causes of my disease. My journey involved reading countless books and medical studies and attending workshops and seminars to gain more in-depth knowledge of how I could turn my life around. After a lot of research, and a lot of time and money invested, I started applying the specific principles I had learned to my everyday life.

Peas versus pills...

After 12 weeks of trying a unique healthy lifestyle, I lost 19kg and my blood sugars started to drop back to normal! My Hba1c levels dropped from 14.9, when diagnosed, to 5.4 over a period of 5 months all without pills or calorie counting.

Learning that my diabetes could be reversed left me feeling hopeful. Actually reversing it and resetting my body made me healthier, happier, and more grateful.

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Train the Trainer...

In September of 2015 I attended a two-week programme that trained and certified me to lead full seminars and guide and mentor individuals to reverse their diabetes and achieve their health goals.

After qualifying, I started organising and running seminars in London UK, where I live, across India, Europe and Kenya.

Reverse Yourself to Good Health!

As I continue to research, learn and discover how amazing our bodies are at healing and repairing, the RESET SYSTEM continues to evolve. However the main principle of the reset system is that it remains very simple, easy to implement and to understand. In this way it remains accessible to all.

The RESET system principles are scientifically proven and logical - and yet natural. What we teach will ensure you understand the foundations of these principles and will empower you to integrate them into your life so they become second nature.

My aim is to help those who suffer from lifestyle diseases and have problems with weight management reverse back to health.

This is why I have decided to share my ground-breaking, proven and simple RESET SYSTEM with the world – with you!

My Guinea Pig!

Having gone through this process I started working as a facilitator on some of the courses I had attended in an effort to help others and learn even more.

During this time I was asked to lead various parts of the training seminars. I took this learning back home and taught my immediate family what I had learned; in particular, my dad, to help him with his diabetes. Dad had been diabetic for 37 years on various tablets and 42 units of insulin every day.

In three months he was off his tablets and down to just 4 units of insulin.

My dad raved about this to all his friends, most of whom were diabetic and overweight.

This is my dad, before and after switching from pills to peas! A transformation, from sickness to health, took place over just 16 weeks.

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Not just food, how about your mood?!

Four years after reversing my type-2 diabetes I noticed my blood sugars rising again. I was devastated, especially since I was running seminars around the world on reversing type-2 diabetes. I could not, in good conscience, carry on conducting seminars when my own health was in question.

I started looking at other factors that led to my blood sugar levels rising. During this time I had gone through one of the most traumatic events of my life. It was clear that the emotional stress was the catalyst. I began to research the physiology and psychology at play when diabetes symptoms begin to return. I discovered that managing my stress directly and measurably saw my diabetes reverse.

This and other formal discoveries in the science that goes around diabetes taught me that simply changing your diet Is not enough. I gradually augmented my RESET SYSTEM to embrace lifestyle changes such as exercise, meditation, sleep and dealing with stress effectively.

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Knowing makes no difference!  

Reversing diabetes may seem like a challenge, but working together, we can get you there, and it CAN be much easier than you think.

What I do is different to traditional approaches. I help you to TAKE ACTION, to make the steps, one-by-one, that reverse type-2 diabetes. 

Most people with diabetes already understand the principles around treating the cause rather than taking medication to treat the symptoms. They know this is the most logical and effective way to reverse diabetes, they just don't know how to do it - the actions to take - to achieve that reversal.

I'm not a doctor but I've been on this journey for more than 10 years. In this time I've come to understand that knowing is not enough to actually reverse diabetes. What is generally missing is that most people don't know how to implement the information effectively and - most importantly - integrate the changes needed into their lives.

The RESET SYSTEM is focused on the science, hand-in-hand with real-world actions you can take in your life, to help you to understand what to do, how to do it and why you are doing it - every day - so that you are successful in reversing your diabetes.

Is it the traps or is it the bins?

2005. New York. There was an infestation of rats. The authorities tried to combat this by deploying huge numbers of rat traps. This had an impact, however, as soon as they reduced the number of traps, the rats returned in large numbers again. Then someone had the bright idea of addressing the garbage problem by increasing the frequency of collections instead of putting out rat traps. This solved the problem forever! 

Why is this relevant? Well, ask yourself: is your diabetes a disease you 'have', or is it a function of your internal environment?

I started researching to see if there was a natural way to combat diabetes. The fact is: diabetes is not an infectious disease, therefore, the source must be the overall state and condition of my body. My lifestyle and habits were not optimal for good health but were optimal for diabetes.


My research started when I was recommended a book from various health professionals who focus on tackling the cause of disease rather than managing symptoms. This really was the first of many steps on a journey that took me across the world to understand the root causes of diabetes. My journey involved reading countless books and medical studies and attending workshops and seminars around the world to gain more in-depth knowledge. After a lot of research, time and money invested, I started applying the principles of everything I had learned to my everyday life.


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Overcoming Type-2 Diabetes

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