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Unveiling the 7 Fundamental Realities of Reversing Diabetes

We now have concrete evidence that diabetes and other lifestyle disorders can indeed be reversed. This remarkable discovery is supported by seven truths that have consistently proven effective in achieving diabetes reversal. These truths are not mere speculation; they are derived from the valuable insights gained from the experiences of our participants who have successfully reversed their diabetes. Our aim is to empower you on your own journey towards reversal.

What is 'Reversal'?

According to the Oxford dictionary, reversal means "changing something so that it becomes the opposite of what it was." This definition perfectly applies to diabetes reversal as well. The process of reversing diabetes involves a significant reduction in blood sugar levels, shedding excess fat, increasing muscle mass, and undergoing an inner transformation that leads to sustainable behavioural changes. It all begins with three fundamental actions:

  1. Ceasing harmful actions that contribute to diabetes.

  2. Adopting the right practices that promote reversal.

  3. Allowing the body's innate healing mechanisms to function effectively.

Truth Number 1: Addressing the Root Cause

To initiate the reversal process, it is crucial to target the root cause of diabetes: insulin resistance. This involves addressing the following key factors contributing to insulin resistance:

  • Dietary factors

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Stress-related factors

Without effectively addressing these causes, the reversal process cannot commence.

Truth Number 2: Reversal is a Phased Process

Reversing diabetes is not an immediate event but a gradual process that unfolds in distinct phases. It requires time and dedication. It is important to note that simply discontinuing medications does not equate to reversal. It is a multifaceted process to achieve a complete reversal and reset from diabetes.

Truth Number 3: The Path to Reversal is Not Always Smooth

Reversing diabetes is not a linear process. It entails ups and downs, which are often reflected in fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This leads us to the next truth.

Truth Number 4: Individual Approach for Smooth Progress

Reversal can be expedited and made smoother by addressing individual problems. Fluctuations experienced during the reversal journey are often linked to specific issues faced by individuals. These problems can be related to:

  • Inflammation

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Weight concerns (either being underweight or overweight)

  • Kidney issues

  • Exercise limitations or mental blocks

  • Emotional and motivational challenges

The underlying truth here is that no two individuals with diabetes face identical hurdles.

Truth Number 5: Overcoming Inertia

As per Newton's first law of motion, we all possess our own inertia in the form of habits, comfort zones, limited thoughts, and reluctance to take action. To counter this inner inertia, we must apply Newton's second law of motion, which states that change occurs when an external force surpasses the inertia-causing force within us.

Truth Number 6: The Power of Collective Effort

While it is possible to embark on a diabetes reversal journey independently, the truth is that it can be exceptionally challenging to walk this path alone. Harness the strength of group energy, mentors, guides, and experts. This structured and systematic approach consistently delivers positive results.

Truth Number 7: Continuous Joy in Reversal

Experiencing the reversal of diabetes brings immense and sustained joy. It is an achievement that propels individuals forward on their chosen path. Many of our past participants, who were previously leading sedentary lives, have transformed into marathon runners, avid cyclists, yogis, and swimmers even at the age of 65+. They remain connected with our community, assuming the role of mentors to guide others on their own reversal journeys.

Action step: Join RESET FROM DIABETES today and embrace the profound joy that accompanies the reversal of diabetes. Let us support you in achieving great deeds and reclaiming a life free from the shackles of this condition.

Be Super Happy, Be Super Healthy, Ramesh


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