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Navigating the Festive Season with a Dash of Diabetes Wisdom

As we gear up for the festive season, I wanted to drop a quick note to ensure our diabetes health remains at the top of the priority list. Here are some tips to navigate the holiday cheer without compromising your well-being:

🎁 Stock up on Festive Essentials:

  • Make sure your medication stash is holiday-ready. Preparation is the key to a stress-free celebration!

🚑 Emergency Ready:

  • Remember, we've got your back even during the holidays. If your GP is MIA, call 111 in case of an emergency.

❤️ Be Blood Sugar Savvy:

  • Keep an eye on those blood sugar levels—holiday changes can cause fluctuations. Regular testing is the key!

🕺 Stay Active and Jolly:

  • Dance at the Christmas party, jump around with the kids, or take a brisk winter walk. Embrace the joy while keeping your body moving!

🍽️ Feast with Finesse:

  • Load up on a colourful variety of veggies, watch for hidden sugars, and keep an eye on portion sizes. Dessert plans? Stick to one portion with some fruit and coconut yoghurt.

🥂 Mindful Mingle with Alcohol:

  • Avoid the empty stomach pitfall – have a snack before raising your glass to prevent Hypos.

🥦 Healthy Habits with Cooking:

  • Steam those veggies to keep nutrients intact. Healthy cooking is an art, and you're the master!

🌲 Escape the Hustle:

  • Need a break from the festivities? Consider a country weekend break or indulge in a home-based winter clean. Your health is your greatest gift!

💙 Kindness to Yourself:

  • It's okay to indulge a bit. Remember, the holidays are a time to enjoy, not to beat yourself up.

🌟 New Year, New Beginnings:

  • Plan to get back on track by the New Year. Healthy choices now ensure a happy and prosperous tomorrow!

🦃 Festive Meat-Free Delights:

  • Christmas dinner isn't just about turkey! Try a delicious nut roast surrounded by traditional trimmings for a delightful, diabetes-friendly feast.

Remember, our health journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Wishing you a festive season filled with joy, good company, and mindful choices!

Be Super Happy, Be Super Healthy Ramesh


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