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The 5 Simple Steps for
Achieving Your Best Ever HbA1c


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"I would highly recommend Ramesh's courses and programs to anybody looking to improve their health parameters.

He will motivate, educate, entertain and get you well at the same time. I can't wait to work with Ramesh again."


- Nandini Gulati, Holistic Health Coach



Reverse Diabetes in a sustainable healthy way that supports your body to heal naturally; you MUST be willing to commit to making some necessary changes to your meal plans and daily life habits
(without ever feeling hungry or deprived of delicious meals)

And here lies the challenge - what makes all the difference between ...
Meals and eating habits that only focus on tempering your blood glucose readings...


Versus a solution that causes naturally lower blood sugars, lowers overall HbA1c
and more energy and vitality as a result of dealing directly with the cause of diabetes?


*Spoiler Alert - It has nothing to do with trending diets, suffering on restricted calories or even magical unicorns!

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"I was able to reverse my diabetes without any medication within a few months and lost all the excess weight as well, something I have been struggling with for 15 years!

My Hba1c dropped from 94 to 37!mmol/mol (10.8% to 5.5%)


Ramesh is a fantastic trainer. He is very motivating, helpful and entertaining throughout."


- Amit Shah, Auditor and CA



The 5 little-known steps to trigger diabetes reversal 

Reveled - Why your current system may not be working or only working to keep your blood sugar tempered without addressing the real causes of diabetes

How to shift from hard, restrictive diets to abundant and delicious foods that get you the results consistently

Plus, you'll get behind-the-scenes insight into how clients have healthily gained freedom from diabetes in a matter of weeks. (P.S. NONE of whom restricted carbs, ate hi-fat hi-protein, or staved themselves)!

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"I understood more from this free masterclass than from other programs I have paid for!

It made complete sense why, for so long, I haven't been able to shift the needle with my diabetes. There are too may golden nuggets to list.


Ramesh is passionate and inspired me to rethink my entire approach to my health.

I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their health goals and outcomes.


- Jonnas Karkro, Personal Development Coach




Hi I'm Ramesh

I'm a Diabetes Reversal Coach who helps Diabetics Reverse their pre-, gestational, or type-2 diabetes in 3 - 12 weeks, working with clients globally and enjoying being a dad to my children.
I'm a certified Disease Reversal Coach, specialising in Diabetes. With over a decade of experience, after initially reversing my diabetes, I turned to coaching others in reaching their diabetic health goals too.

Today, I help those who are super motivated to turn their health around, ditch their medication and experience a life full of energy and vitality using the no-brainer Reset Reversal System.

My clients have been able to quickly, safely and powerfully reverse type 2 and pre-diabetes, despite some having suffered for years and decades, being on multiple tablets and/or insulin injections. They have overcome the mental and physical toll of living with diabetes, all using the simple strategies I teach.

Why Participants Are So Delighted


"Hba1c From 94 (10.8%) to 37! (5.5%)"

"My GP told me that I had to be on medication for the rest of my life, starting with Metformin.

He told me diabetes is a lifelong condition.
I have been overweight for over 15 years. 


  I was able to reverse my diabetes without any medication within a few months  
and lost all the excess weight as well, something I have been struggling with for 15 years!
The program was very motivating, and Ramesh is a fantastic trainer. 

Not having to take medication for the rest of my life is completely liberating."

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"Once I was diagnosed. I spoke to Ramesh about it, and that's when I just knew I had to join the programme and make changes to my life.

 I have managed to lose 21kgs in just 12 weeks! and this weight has stayed off.
  My diabetes readings went lower and lower each month and now I have been completely off medication for over a year.  

It really was the best investment I have ever made, not just for me but also for my family.

"HbA1c Was 98 (11.2%)  -
My Last Three HbA1c Were 39 (5.8), 33 (5.2) & 34 (5.3)"

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"I went to Ramesh's seminar, not for myself but because my husband has Type-2 diabetes.

Ramesh's science-based, easy-to-understand seminar made me totally rethink my approach to food.

  He lost a huge amount of weight, 6kg in just 3 weeks, and saw his diabetes reverse coming off all his medication.  

In summary, Ramesh's seminar is a small investment for life-changing returns."

"Husbands Diabetes Reversed Coming Off All medication"
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"The best part of the program for me was I learnt I can eat everything I wanted including my sweet food favourites. All I was asked to do was make a few changes in the ingredients, eliminating some and adding others.

  I came off my Diabetes and Blood pressure medication within 5 weeks reverse all my health problems and also losing weight. 


2 years on, I am disease-free. Really thought I would be on medications lifelong

Transform yourself and start feeling young again. I recommend this for everyone 100%

"Reversing my diabetes feels the best"



How do I access the masterclass?

Once you sign up you’ll get instant access to the video recording of the live masterclass

Is this just theory? What value can I expect to gain?

Nope, I don’t do just theory 😉 In fact you’ll most likely find you’ll get more from this free masterclass than other paid content (as this is the feedback I get time and time again).  The masterclass is filled with practical strategies using real-life, real-time examples from mine and my client’s journey so you can see exactly how they work in practice and the results you can expect.

Is there an opportunity to get personalised feedback 

Yes – I share all the details in the masterclass of how to access this.

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