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Reverse Diabetes with Food

Reset From Diabetes 

We Help People
Reverse Type-2 Diabetes 

Your New Life Begins Here.

RESET FROM DIABETES is Here to Provide you with the Support and Tools you Need in Order to:

  1. Come off or Avoid Medication

  2. Lose Weight


  4. Regain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Diagnosed with
Pre Diabetes?

When you first become aware of the possibility of diabetes in your life, NOW is the time to take action. Prevention is better than cure, and getting started is easier and quicker the earlier you begin.

In fact, if you take action now, you can prevent type-2 diabetes from happening at all. 

Avoid the possibility of medication and type-2 diabetes. Click below to learn more about the options I offer to you, and let's get started on a prevention strategy. 

Image by Faran Raufi
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Struggling being overweight?

In helping people to address their diabetes, I have discovered that the lifestyle and the associated diet that goes with these programmes is hugely effective in helping people to lose weight. 

Not only that, but the diet we use involves no calorie counting, no quantity restriction, and provides permanent weight-loss that gets you healthy too. 

Click below to see how I can help you get back to your ideal weight, feel energetic, look great, feel confident, and know what you can eat without feeling guilty...

What our Clients Say 

Reversed Diabetes

Minesh Shah

“My cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes is back to normal”

I was really overweight, diabetes out of control and BP always high. Personally, I lost about 12kgs. The sugar levels started to drop. My BP started to come back to normal levels. My cholesterol levels were at 5.5 when I started, now sat at 2.9. It's been great. I have to say Ramesh has been a total inspiration to me. He has helped me and continues to help me on my journey to better health.

Lost 40kg Weight

Shrootin Shah

“My Hba1C down to 32 mmol/mol” “ I’ve lost 40kg weight!”

I have been struggling with my weight pretty much all my entire adult life. I continued to gain weight reaching 110kgs. I attended Ramesh’s level 1 and level 2 programmes in 2016. The programmes were eye-opening, scientific and logically presented. The results were just amazing: Weight loss of: 110kg to 70kg (40kg lighter!!). Hba1C drop: 11% to 32 mmol/mol In addition, my energy levels have greatly increased. Ramesh is a fantastic coach – enthusiastic, compassionate and with a unique delivery style. I have no hesitation in recommending Ramesh’s training courses – it could literally change your life!

Husband  Reversed Diabetes

Tilda Bowden

“My Husband Reversed his type 2 diabetes and off all medication”

I went to Ramesh's seminar, not for myself but because my husband has Type-2 diabetes.However, Ramesh's science-based, easy to understand seminar made me totally re-think my approach to food also. I feel amazing and am told, repeatedly, I look good and have noticeably more energy. I almost forgot to mention my husband. He lost a huge amount of weight and saw his diabetes reverse coming off all his medication. In summary, Ramesh's seminar is a small investment for life-changing returns.

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